The Owners

Shauwn comes from a family of electricians. When he graduated from high school in 1994, he did not have a job, so his dad said, “You’re coming to work with me.” Shauwn has been in the electrical field ever since. He is passionate about his craft and administers many Facebook electrical groups. He is also a mentor to many team members of Absolute Electric LLC.

Catherine is an accountant and analyst by nature. She started her career at the age of 18 as an Accounting Clerk. She worked full time and went to college at night for 7 years. After being promoted multiple times throughout her career, including being the head of the finance department for her last employer, she was ready for a new challenge. So, in 2006, Shauwn and Catherine founded Absolute Electric LLC.

Our ultimate pleasures are spending time with family, and creating a work culture so that our team members can spend time with their families and reach their personal and professional goals.