Why an Attic Fan is Important

    Unless you’ve spent time in your attic during the heat of the day, you may not realize just how hot it gets up there. The fact is that attic temperatures can reach 150 degrees during hot summer days. Ever wonder why it’s hard to get the upstairs cool or why your electric bills are so high? Your air conditioner has to work overtime to fight the effect of the attic heat that backs up into your rooms. This extra heat in the attic is also “baking” your roofing shingles which will cause them to become brittle.

    Attic fans mount on the roof towards the center back of the house about 3 feet down from the ridge vent. It fits in with the shingles and is waterproof. When the attic gets too hot, it turns on automatically. When the attic gets cool enough, the fan automatically shuts off. It blows out super-hot attic air while drawing in cooler air from outside. It takes about 2 hours to install and will pay for itself with the electric bill savings. We install an attic light if one is not already there and a cutoff switch per code.

    So, if you want a cooler house and lower electric bills, call us today!

    attic fan air flow diagram